Journal Special Issue


It was said in the conference call for papers:

“A special issue of Computer Speech and Language (Elsevier, JCR 2018 impact factor: 1.776) will be later published containing peer-reviewed substantially extended versions of some of the papers contributed to the conference. Submissions to it will be by invitation.”

It is recent policy of this journal not to publish special issues as such any more (and not in paper) but to simply add conference-derived accepted articles to their regular issues. You can find an example here:

where there are three papers coming from SLSP 2016 but you could not say which ones they are, because there is no SLSP identification or separation from the regular papers.

Under these conditions, it makes no sense that we collect papers and make an effort in organizing the reviewing procedure if in the end there will be no recognition of the SLSP origin. The editorial office can do it. We are simply providing papers and working for Elsevier without any return.

Therefore we are not going to coordinate a special issue with Computer Speech and Language for papers presented to SLSP 2019. We are considering whether to publish with some other journal where the unity of the papers is respected and our conference is duly acknowledged. If this is the case, we’ll make an update here by the end of the year. Otherwise, authors can submit their extended papers to Computer Speech and Language or any other journal through their regular submission channels and without any deadline restriction.